Peace Pack



Peace Pack

The Peace Pack is a religious education programme written especially for Bahá’í classes in primary schools (ages 6 - 12). It consists of four books and two CD's (an audio CD including songs from the Peace Pack and another containing all of the lessons in the 4 books, in PDF format for the convenience of the teacher). Its themes are deeply rooted in the teachings of Bahá’u’lláh, Founder of the Bahá’í Faith. The Peace Pack was inspired by and grew out of The Promise of World Peace, a statement released in 1985 by the world governing body of the Bahai Faith, on the occasion of the United Nations International Year of Peace. As students move through the programme, they will see themselves as “peace makers” developing spiritual qualities or virtues as well as skills and attitudes which are the foundations of peacemaking. In addition they will see themselves as world citizens as they embrace the concept of the oneness of humankind in its diversity. They will understand that peace happens gradually and each student will feel empowered to play a part in its establishment.

The Curriculum

The Peace Pack is a spiral curriculum. This means that a student starting in year 1 will cover the same themes twice in their primary school years. In the students’ second time around, the learning experiences will be at a deeper level. The first few sessions of each book cover fundamental assumptions and concepts such as the oneness of God and religion, spirituality, prayer and courtesy, so that each year students new to the programme will share a common understanding of them. It also means a teacher can begin the programme using any one of the first three books.

Each session has:

  • Cleary stated student outcomes
  • Session outlines
  • Suggested learning experiences to achieve the outcomes
  • Step by step guidance
  • Support materials such as stories and photocopiable work
  • A CD of suggested songs and prayers with words
  • All lessons are available on a CD, in PDF format, for the convenience of the teacher

The learning experiences are derived from the following notions:

  • Bahá’í sacred scriptures
  • Honouring the spirit
  • Student-centred and cooperative learning
  • Joy in learning
  • The multiple intelligences
  • Recognition of different learning styles
  • Creativity and consultation

We are confident that this programme will be enjoyed by students and teachers alike, and will awaken a consciousness in students that all people, regardless of race, religions gender or colour, are members of one human family, thus contributing to a united and peaceful world.