Peace Pack

Peace Pack Authors

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The Peace Pack was initially developed by Georgina Sounness and Terri Turner for their own Bahá’í classes. Over time, the myriad ideas and suggestions kindly sent in by many Peace Pack users have been incorporated into it.

Georgina Sounness is a primary school teacher and currently teaches at a school for children with severe langauge impairment. She grew up on a farm in Western Australia. As a young adult she found the Bahá’í Faith and sees in its teachings, the remedy the world is crying out for. She and her husband Richard have four children and live in East Fremantle, WA.

Terri Turner grew up in Roleystone, WA and has worked in many areas of the visual arts industry. She is a painter, a drawer, illustrator, leaf sculptor, and card-maker. Terry is also a trained facilitator of the Virtues Family/Parenting program. Terri and her husband Rex have two daughters and live in Fremantle.

“As a teacher, my greatest challenge is combining spiritual and academic education and giving the former the importance it deserves. I hope the Peace Pack will contribute to this. I hope that the children whose lives are touched by the teachings of Bahá’u’lláh will hold them in their hearts as they become true servants of humanity.” - Georgina Souness

“I was delighted to work on the Peace Pack as I see it a means to teach children practical skills to assist them to live their daily lives together in a peaceful community. It also helps them learn about the world's religions and understand the diversity of the world” - Terri Turner